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first time

Well this is my first Blog. It is the last day of half term and i am still working on getting my website correctly working. It is so hard when my computer knowledge is so poor, however it will come good eventually. I took January off to re-evaluate life but have discovered that it takes longer than one month to really achieve a complete overhaul. So I have put certain aspects of my life into focus, firstly my fitness and secondly my direction in work. I have found it hard to prioritise but will start with these two things and see how it goes.
The biggest problem has been painting all day one is sitting down and then all the other jobs in the house and mum jobs are all done in a frenetic spasm at the end of the day leaving little time for keep fit. So i have been trying to organise my day to fit the 'fit' in, so far organising this is a bit unorganised but I think I have sorted out a rough routine. The thing for me to realise is that i will never be in a routine so now i know t…