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I seem to have got my Mojo back, over the past few months I have had oodles of ideas but no Mojo to do them. Well all that has changed, my time is split between working with Husband, teaching and painting; it has been hard to prioritise the painting as income must come first.
I gave myself a good talking to and have decided to deal with things head on, this means less exhibitions as they wear me out and more time spent on painting for me; this won't be easy with family and work but it will mean less deadlines and running around. Pheew. Now that that decision has been made I can enjoy painting again, so often as artists we feel obligated to exhibit work to sell, sometimes that dictates our whole waking hours, by deciding to do less, I will do more, income will come not from painting pictures but from what i do outside of that. My paintings will spring to life as I will not be thinking commercially but painting the things I love in the style I love. I have cleaned the kitchen and am off to paint.


  1. This is very interesting Billy! I think that as a creative person you need lots of different strategies -- sometimes the deadlines are good! So tell us... How do you get yourself in the mood... how do you distract yourself from all the little problems and jobs calling out for your attention if you don't have a more pressing deadline to meet as regards your painting?

  2. If I am in the mood I will paint every moment I can, sometimes I feel lost and a bit daydreamy, so can't paint, instead I prefer to tidy or sort things into piles; this is not very productive but it has been the norm for most of this year. Once I am in the mood or have ideas that must be expressed, I try to work to a schedule. It is very hard to ignore certain tasks, I give myself a list every day and then feel rather guilty when some things are overlooked but it usually goes like this:
    1.home stuff, urging(chasing kids to school), sandwiches, letters to school, this may also involve running down the road after the kids waving a lunch boxes or envelopes etc.
    2. urgent paperwork, phone calls and post, boring but necessary
    3. dishwasher, washing, coffee (it is usually 9am by now)
    4. pile up stuff to take to studio, assess work on the go and prioritise in order of which flower will expire first, paint.
    5.lunch, calls and any remaining paperwork.Hang out washing (bliss I love pegging out clothes)
    6. paint
    7. 4' 0 clock tools down. do stuff in house, start dinner, etc.
    8. if there is a deadline continue after dinner sometimes till 12!! or later
    9. If there is a very tight deadline scrap all the above accept 1 and 2 and just paint.


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