Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Rush Season

Every November is a rush, suddenly I realise that winter show deadlines are looming and preparation for spring events should be well on their way ( and yes, I realise that I had said no more shows, however these were already in the diary).
I miss Slow, when I was little, November seemed the longest month, with preparation for carol services at school, paper chain making and secret gifts made from half dry papermache; it was all one huge, slow, build up to Christmas. November was easily 2 months long but now it is a high speed chase to December that I am destined never to win.
I must admit to being quite chirpy though, as my two boys are doing very well with their music both have secured live gigs before Christmas and both are in very high, animated spirits (see their site
I also, almost have a completed kitchen and with all of my career changing, momentous decisions, it all seems do-able.
I am looking forward to doing a trade show and gift show next year, even in a recession, so I must be giddy.
btw. I am very good at blind optimism, it is so much more unpredictable and foolish than planned forward thinking.
This has been a very busy week, completing card designs, starting the new book with Search, painting Christmas cards and an Amaryllis and this weekend I am off to teach in Birmingham. So alas, no time for slow.
I might just pack in a bit of daydreaming on the train.