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busy busy busy

Well now, it seems it is impossible for me to find enough time to blog regularly but after a day of updating the website and store I thought perhaps a blog to complete the day.
 I have had one of the busiest springs ever, first with a trade stand at Top Drawer; then Will my youngest having an emergency appendectomy (which meant that both of us had a scary week in hospital but thankfully he is all better); then lots of teaching home and away and then a stand at Country living.
 I managed to squiff my back in the middle of all this, which left me, temporally I might add, with a very strange 'Mrs Apron' way of walking. I had hoped this would enlighten me as to which direction in life I should take, the back sorted that decision and I have decided not to do any shows that require heavy lifting. I am, despite the previous decision, taking part in the Patchings Art Festival which was such fun last year that I felt it was too good to miss, if you have never been then you must go. www…