Saturday, 15 December 2012

new plans

Hi, I am back, it has been a busy year for me with a big pause in the middle.
This summer saw me needed but not needed by my boys as their social life
as young men takes a grip.
It was hard to realise that I needed to create my own summer events with and without them and took some adjustment. So new plans arose. I have decided to get a new video created and complete the ' Tip' book by the end of february 2013, this involves me shutting myself away in the studio on the non teaching days and not sidetracking on email etc; ugh, email! it has taken over my life so I aim to get some balance and only answer them in the evening, discipline that is the answer.Any hoo, I haven't been that lazy, I have painted a few new pieces and have lots in the pipeline (see two pictures)
I have some great student work, some beginners and some 'on journey' see the images attached.

Finding new ways to arrange plants on paper
 is always an interest for me, it is what drives me to paint.
I always hope to inspire this love of design and teach it in my classes, it can be taught but it's not always a fast process to success. It has taken me many years to learn a particular way of seeing the world. 

 The biggest thing in my life at the mo is the exciting things that my boys are doing, Charlie make dance music and Will is a singer songwriter; time was when I would tell them to stop tapping things or making noise and now it is all I can do to hear the radio, ours is the house that rocks!
So lots to do with Christmas in the middle!