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Nearly here!!

The all new Billy Showell website is nearly here, as with all things it has taken much longer than I thought but it is better than I had hoped. The book is in its final stages and the new dvd is in it's final production stage. I am of course just about dealing with all this and no doubt I will have overlooked something which I will be glad to hear from you if you think or spot something. What has been amazing is the encouragement from all over the world, I am suitably humbled, thank you. I did make one huge error with my 'sponsume' offers, I forgot about adding in the postal costs, so I will take a sizeable hit posting parcels to the US and Australia but one lives and I guess I will eventually learn. All sponsume gifts will be in the post within the next 2 weeks.
Any hoo, lovely people, below are the new class dates for Christmas and early spring  (email Julie and for those of you too far afield my new Subscription Channel will be launched in De…

Events so far and class dates

Hi, here are my summer/fall dates for classes at my studio, you will need to email for the full form and details of what spaces remain. My Blog continues below.

August 12th and 13thMon/Tues10am- 3.30pm Roses Two Day Course£120 September 11th and 12th Wed/Thurs10am – 3.30pm Drawing and light washes Two Day Course£120 September 17th and 18thTues/Wed10am – 3.00pm Late flower composition Two Day Course£120 September 26th and 27thThurs/Fri10am -3.00pm Roses Two Day Course

Painting as a Cure

March has started at 100 miles per hour, chasing around after the boys, Charlie with University interviews, a part-time job!!!! and Will with concerts right left and centre; along with my business and the house stuff cleaning, gardening, shopping etc, I am never quite sure how I remember everything but I do and that is the main thing.
In the back of my mind are all those lovely people asking me about painting and working out how I can share more of what I know, so with that in mind and at a very "baby steps" stage I am devising some lessons on dvd or to download. Now you will have to bear with me on this as sadly I think I am part of that lost generation who still think of computers as newfangled. I have the content ready but it is a few months off delivery but it is exciting and will hopefully help those of you who are too far away to attend my classes. You may of course already had enough of me and have found a new direction and that is as it should be, art is a journey a…

'Back' on track and discussing copyright

Hi, I can't believe we are into February already, my back is on the mend so am feeling ready for the world. Quite zingy really,despite having just recovered from flu, I managed to get together some work for the SBA show, which is always stressful. My theme is 'work in progress a snapshot of the painters desk', this may or may not be a success but I am always trying something new, I really hope they get in but it is never 'in the bag' as they say.
Hoping to spend the weekend painting but with teenagers about anything could happen, we are supposed to be painting the living room/ extension ( a big moment in this house) only 6 years in waiting.
Any hoo I thought this blog could be 'a sharing of info' blog, recently an acquaintance of mine has been badly treated over a copyright issue so I thought I would share my rant on this subject, please correct if I am wrong, or share your experiences. Us artists should share any experiences that should be avoided, there are…