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Events so far and class dates

Hi, here are my summer/fall dates for classes at my studio, you will need to email for the full form and details of what spaces remain. My Blog continues below.

August 12th and 13th  Mon/Tues                           10am- 3.30pm       
Two Day Course                                                                      £120
September 11th and 12th Wed/Thurs                 10am – 3.30pm
Drawing and light washes                                                              
Two Day Course                                                                      £120
September 17th and 18th  Tues/Wed                 10am – 3.00pm
Late flower composition                                                              
Two Day Course                                                                      £120
September 26th and 27th   Thurs/Fri                     10am -3.00pm
Two Day Course                                                                      £120
October 1st and 2nd  Tues/Wed                           10am -3.30pm
Fruit study
Two Day Course                                                                       £120                                     
October 11th    Friday                                               10am -3.30pm Seasonal vegetable                                                                                One Day Course                                                                       £60
October 20th  Sunday                                              10am-3.30pm                                                                                                                                                                
Autumn Leaves                                                                        
One Day Course                                                                       £60
October 29th and 30th Tues/Wed                           10am-3.30pm
Painting Squash   
Two Day Course                                                                       £120       

Well it is lovely to be in some fine weather finally, although today it is raining, I suppose the farmers need that as well as sunshine. This year has got off to another bumpy but non the less exciting start. In the first few months of this year I taught in Cheltenham, Darlington, Chester, Devon, Hampshire, Birmingham, Wisley, Colesbourne and Battle, oh and Wisley again, Phew!

 The weather was not kind at all throughout my tour but I was able to put my metal to the test with an all night slog through heavy snow and winds and I live to tell the tale, it was 'real' as the kids say. After that I could cope with anything but on arrival to Birmingham, I realised that I had turned up a day too early, I could have wept with exasperation of my doolally ways. Those who know me will say "no surprise there" but I was very lucky to have Sue Wilson and her husband come to the rescue, they put me up for the night and Sue and I had a fabulous day shopping in Birmingham, I loved it and bought 2 new dresses, silver lining, not on the dresses, just on the free day spent shopping. La di da.After that I was back on track, Jane had organised a lovely girly supper, fabulous and we were able to have a good laugh at how I had travelled all that way on an invalid ticket!!must be my innocent face.
I am very busy writing my next book and trying to find time to paint in between but there are so many distractions. It's a huge time for our family at the moment as Will my youngest has been asked to sing at the Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert!! We are all very excited, look out for him on line as Will Joseph Cook and my eldest Son Charlie, has a song out with an artist called Tigger, he calls himself Momur. There have been lots of meetings, tooings and frowings and all in amongst a'levels and gcse's. The house is jumping with music, thank heavens for the studio, 'a place to escape the bass'.
I am waiting desperately for the new Billy Showell palette to come out, I am promised soon, it is a long frustrating wait. BUT the book is on the way and all being well will be published October 2014.
The new dates for summer and autumn are above so do have a look and see if any will suit your diaries.
I am sorry to have not made Patchings this year, the list of things to do is so long and sometimes some things have to give.
The SBA AGM was interesting, it was sad to see Vicky Marsh leave as president but good to welcome Sandra Wall Armitage as the new boss. Exciting times for the SBA with some new blood on the committee, with talk of twitter, facebook and such like being used for promotion. I even put myself forward to organise some outings, bearing in mind the Birmingham fiasco you may wish to watch this space.

detail of 'Paloma shoe'


  1. Billy, you never fail to make me smile! (The Birmingham trip made me giggle!) Your boys are doing so well and good luck to both of them. You have been busy, like always...You have some good classes planned, shall try and attend at least one of them! I always enjoy a Billy class :) Hope to see you soon. Julie x


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