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Thank you and welcome to my painterly world

Dear friends, firstly happy Valentines day, I am wishing many roses fall or fell into your laps today.

I am delighted with the launch of the tutorial website but it's been close to the emotions of having another baby!  I have to sincerely thank everyone who has joined and for their patience.  Tom my Tech guy has helped a few to log in and I am so glad you have managed to join us. 

Don't judge me on this outfit, you were only supposed to see me from the waist up!

*One of the first things you'll notice on the subscribe site is that you need a username and password, you have to complete the new account form which is right at the bottom of the subscribe page of the payment plan you chose. You can't fill in the username and password until you have received the email conformations from us.

*If you are looking for your emails from us and your log in details, they may have gone into your spam folder so do check in there! 

*We recommend Google Chrome as your browser and you can download it for free here's the link  However, if you are finding it tricky to subscribe, please do contact Tom at and he will be able to walk you through it. 

*Don't worry if you new to this kind of site and feel at sea with it, as no doubt I would have been in that wobbly boat with you, it is all fixable. 

In a way, I am inviting you into my painterly world via this site and I sincerely hope that anyone joining enjoys the attention to quality that we have aimed for, we have been planning and secretly working on this site for quite sometime now and I have launched it quietly amongst my collected friends through email and Facebook without the fanfare, I aimed to share it with you first to get some gentle feedback and of course this is what you have done and I thank you for that; those of you who know me well will know how seriously and personally I take your expectations and satisfaction with my teaching. 

Hopefully, you have followed and joined because you like the way I paint and in return I hope to explain my techniques and share with you the joy of mastering watercolour.

At the moment, it is just me and Tom at the end of the line, Roddy and Gavin have done the superb filming and editing and Tom is in charge of the website and teaching me how to moderately update things. 

I send out the parcels, answer the non technical emails, teach my classes, book the diary and run house, home and kids and ....paint? well not very often at the moment but I do try to squeeze it all in. With all the above please do 'bear with' as they say, if I don't call back straight away or email back immediately or not send parcels the next day, you can be sure I am trying and will endeavour at all times to do it all as soon as possible respecting at all times that you are patiently waiting at the other end. 

I love every minute of my bonkers lifestyle and thoroughly enjoy teaching and sharing what I know, so I will thank you all again and wish wholeheartedly that you enjoy the tutorials and tell your friends that it is worth the effort to join (many hours of tutorial for the price of one coffee out a week) at
With best wishes and happiness in all your painting Billy Showell


  1. Congratulations Billy on your launch - looks fantastic. Will spread the word. At first I miss read your first paragraph and thought you had actually had another baby! Phew! :S

    1. Hysterical, no more babies just virtual ones in the shape of websites, so funny this in a house where my husband doesn't even do email. lol

  2. Thankyou so much for letting us into your world of painting . I am hoping to
    Be able tp practice all your lessons. I am very new to painting but love your style.

  3. Dear Marjorie, you are very welcome lovely to have you on board. keep in touch and let me know how you get on.
    best wishes Billy


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