Sunday, 2 March 2014

Preparing for the SBA show

Greetings, as per usual I am up against a self inflicted manic deadline, I am trying to complete my work for the Society of botanical Artists annual show. They are having the show later this year in May but I am still pushing it to the last minute, hoping I can get it all done in time. I have  4 smaller works this year with an emphasis on the botanic and one lager piece with a slightly softer style but with more impact.
I always find it tricky on how to frame the works, as I am aware of the quantity of work to judge and fear for the safety of a very expensive frame, however, pride has overtaken me this year and I have gone top of the range so fingers crossed they don't get 'dinted'. Framing is so important and though I love my shabby chic frames of the previous years, I have been advised by others at the show that they are too glitzy, which is a shame as loved them but framing is very personal.
 This year my framing is top notch and frankly if no one likes them I don't care 'cos I do, my lovely framer and I used a frame that is popular with the london set and what's good for them is good for me. I have also dropped my floating mounts this year, bowing to pressure that they are also not popular with the SBA visitors, sad face.
Roses have been my thing last year and feature heavily but I am eyeing up the lavender and fancy that this spring, we'll see if it defeats me or not.
I am visiting some of kent's finest gardens for my online tutorial website and really looking forward to it. I shall be looking for planting tips and so on so do watch out for those if you can.
I am helping my eldest son move into his new flat after leaving halls at uni this week, he isn't keen on the stuff I have kept for him in the garage preferring a shopping trip but do you know I am having to agree with him, the stuff has not aged well and I am quite sure it was better than that when i stored it in there many years ago. Any hoo, he is very excited and is keen to make me a barrister style coffee on moving in day, so there's a treat. I have a horrid sense that there are nasty colds about waiting to get me so I am on vitamins and tonics in the hope of avoiding them, I can't lose my voice before filming the tutorials, maybe I could do a silent movie? We are working on composition classes and beginners classes and there will be lots more to enjoy throughout the year.
Once the SBA deadline is out the way I will be back on the book and other pipeline projects.
Green is the colour I am digging at the moment, perhaps I am wishing for spring? of course I am.


  1. Hi Billy, you sound mega busy. On my table at the moment I have Arum lilies. they were given to me yesterday from my friends fina here in Tenerife. If I was at home I know it would be daffodils. Oh how I love spring in England. I look forward to all your tutorials and looking to come home and see if I can join you for a lesson or two. Please keep away from the colds as I am selfish and love to see your work.

  2. thanks for the comment, stay in the warm it's bitter here at the mo and the daffs are very late x