Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring, Book and memories

Hello lovely people, my new project goes live on Monday continuing the next step of the lily flower study. I have been tending to my garden, just a little this week, in between painting for various deadlines. 

The section of the painting above was commissioned by my godmother's cousin; she particularly wanted the early clematis with daffodils to remind her of her university years and the friendships she made at that time. Plants are wonderful for stirring memories, I remember squishing the snow berries (Symphoricarpos albus) outside our house every autumn, while waiting for my brother and sister to walk with me to school, I can't help but squish one or two in my garden in the autumn in memory to that time in my life. This time of year with blossom, blossoming everywhere reminds me of gathering up to throw at my sister as she pretended to be a bride while sporting an old net curtain on her head, we also mushed the petals in rain water to make some kind of perfume or magic potion, ahh if only you could bottle the memories.... not the squashed blossom that never smelled good.

So with the birds singing and the sunshine and new growth everywhere , the mood takes me spiritually to Devon, we spent many Easters there with my grandparents and because it always seemed so far away the thrill of seeing them was so rewarding. Beaches, fields and streams to discover, it all seems like a dream now. Every time I paint a primrose I am transported back to my nan's garden, where I would sneak my hands through the fence to pick some primroses from the field margin. I know I was small, as when I returned with my own children my hands were too big to sneak through the wire. One thought pervades as I survey the garden, why do we love and encourage daisies and yet persecute the dandelion? AND I never once wet the bed after picking the said flower!! 

On another note, I am making excuses again, it looks like the new book will get pushed to 2015, this is what happens when you take on the huge task of completing a book in a very short time. I am desperate not to rush the book and regret the end result but I was so sure I could get the paintings complete by the end of April. I have been painting every day non stop since the last week of march and am stiff and tearing at the seams with sitting for so long at the studio table. The good news is with a little pressure off the painting will flow better and the book will benefit. 

till next time 



  1. Wonderful blogpost! That's so true about the dandelions... I think they are so lovely but was always scolded for picking them! Your daffodils are gorgeous.

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  2. Hi Billy,

    Funny that you mentioned the dandelion. I was noticing some the other day (Spring has been late in Toronto, Canada) and I thought how pretty it was and then immediately thought, it's only a dandelion, and pretty much dismissed it. I almost felt guilty for thinking it was pretty!

    I love seeing your work and watching you paint via the YouTube videos.

    Take care