Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Where did May go?

Hello lovely people, I am sorry and can't believe that it has been a month since my last post! I must write in my 2015 diary that everything happens and blooms in May. All is out and some flowers are over, the grass is jumping the borders and with lovely weather I am itching to do some gardening but it must fend for itself as I have been away teaching and must now prepare for Patchings and Wisley.
Will, my youngest is 17 today, so much to do but I am relieved I don't have to arrange  parties any more, least ways not the type with jelly and ice cream.
This has been an emotional month with my most wonderful Pa being ill through much of it (thankfully he is on the mend) then my most wonderful Ma becoming run down, again thankfully well again; then on a happier note one of my dearest friends becoming 60 and then long time much loved friends visiting from Australia. It was so so nice to have our friends in our lives and close again and then so sad to see them leave. I often dream of hitching up my life and moving to Oz, another life await us there. On top of all that the SBA show has been on the SFP show is starting and Will has been in the midst of AS levels. 
There is no food in the house and a huge pile of washing yet in the scheme of things I am managing to keep everyone fed and clothed, get the tutorials filmed and the classes taught. I have had students from Germany, America and nearer but not much to me Leeds, Hull  and Scotland and am thrilled they they come so far to take my classes; hoping that I don't look too bedraggled when they meet me for the first time. 
Patchings is my next big event, I am busy assembling my stuff to sell. the link is below to this and the SFP show so do visit both if you can, you'll have a great time.
For inspiration and collecting images you love check out here is the link to my pins enjoy!

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