Sunday, 17 August 2014

Summer News

How do you do? may the sun be warming your toes.
This summer has been very interesting, we did get away with the boys and they tolerated being with us very well despite our interests on holiday being so very far apart!!
Of course when you are away you leave all your deadlines behind but on return they are waiting to pounce on you the minute your key opens the door, the garden survived being neglected most of the summer but I have been busy weeding and apologising to the plants by deadheading and tending them well since my return.

The tutorials have been more varied through the summer by way of some of the requests on the survey. I really hope you enjoyed the little departure from botanical precision, it is good to dabble and play with your painting style as it may indeed open a door to understanding the medium a little better so don't be afraid to give it a go, it is also great to paint outside.
The next project 'Peony bud' is back to my usual style botanical painting this autumn we will be introducing fruits and vegetables and some little subjects from my still life collections and we will be looking deeper into composing a picture. I will also be sharing some colour mixes with you for you to practice. We still need you to send in some of your paintings inspired from the tutorials, it encourages others to have a go and we love to show off your work if you'll let us.

By the way, I am having a studio sale in November so if you are in the area pop in for a cup of tea and a browse through the goodies on offer. The dates will be advertised nearer the time but if you are keen to get them in the diary then they are printed on the class date sheet available to download from my classes page on my website

I have tried to keep August for family and catching up with the book and so far it has been exactly that but with the Florum (a floral and botanical exhibition in Sevenoaks UK) and Palmengarten (an SBA show in Germany) exhibition deadline spread on top for good measure.
My big sister has been visiting from Australia, which is amazing, it's like she is always here and we tick along as usual and then all too soon she will be on the far side of the earth :( I will have to plan a trip to Sydney to teach and visit her in return and top up the little Australia shaped hole in my heart.

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