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Hello again and Discount tickets

Hello dear blogets, some time has passed since I wrote a blog as life has been some what challenging. Nothing too traumatic just some major and quite difficult changes in my boy's lives and lots and lots of admin. Admin is the pain of my life and yours too I would imagine; one student said to me the other day that she would like to see my diary and see a typical day in my life!
This got me to thinking there isn't a typical day in my life!!!, the only constant is that I am always in a muddle with my diary, I can't be trusted to book air flights (really) and I am drawn to pink flowers like a moth to a flame and must stop.
Seriously though I have forbidden my self from painting pink but it is so hard to stop, virtually all the flowers that are still in bloom are pink and nearly all the flowers I want to paint are pink. This theme must stop. So with that in mind I am going to paint white flowers for the SBA next year. I will never beat last years show in terms of delight at selling and getting a prize it was a dream and I am sure I will never repeat it. I can't compete with myself so the pressure is off and with that in mind I can think outside the box.
At this point I imagine you have stopped reading this odd little blog, so I am going to finish by adding a couple of tips so as to be helpful.
1. When painting pink flowers remember 'pink and yellow make pencil permanent' so always use the lightest pencil line you can muster.
2. Remove all pencil from a pink painting after the first wash has dried, that way you will avoid making it permanent
3. You can use an eradicator to gently lift away any pencil caught under the pink paint, if you do it quickly after the first glaze has dried.
4.Winsor and newton Opera rose is really good and I will stand up to anyone who says it isn't
5.Try not to paint too many pink flowers
till next time
ps here is the big sale details and you can get 10% 0ff if you book a free advanced ticket for one of the days.
Big Open Studio Sale
At Billy Showell’s Studio Tunbridge Wells Kent

November 22nd to 24th and Nov 28th to Dec 1st
From 10.00-16.00
Paintings, prints cards books and art materials
Please email for directions


  1. Even though I am not much of a girly flower person, I love your pink roses and other flowers. Your paintings are always so innovative and the pink and green have a fresh vitality that is really delightful. Please don't give up on pink flowers...but actually now I am eager to see your white ones so maybe that's okay after all!

  2. Ahhh, but Billy you paint pink so beautifully. It's difficult to catch that vibrancy! Can't wait to see what you do next for the exhibition.


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